Gerrit Boom

 Years ago, I saw the mill in bad condition. The mill had no longer been used since WW II. ''That's a shame,'' I thought.

During a 'village-board' meeting someone asked me to become a miller. It sounded really good to me. I started the course at the mill in Kampen. And two years later, in 1981, I passed the examination.

It's very nice to work with the mill and the wind. It's also nice to receive guests and to guide them. I receive wedding couples regularly for taking pictures on the mill.

I think it's very important that the mill is kept in operation, nowadays and in the feature.


Bert van Pijkeren

I'm miller in Zalk, I have lived here my entire life and it is nice to live here. 

If you enter the village, you can see the mill and the church tower from big distance. The mill is an old monumental tool but it's very uncomplicated and that's why I like it.

The construction is mainly built up with mortise-and-tenon joints. All those transmissions of wooden gear wheels are individable, so they don't wear quickly.

The construction is very strong and it has been thought out very well. Can you imagine: All the heavy wooden beams are placed high in the mill with manual force and without crane, that's very outstanding! 

The mechanic is clearly visible so you can see what happens, like the brake system. That is very interesting!

It's great to preserve it all!


Gerben van Gelder

Since the age of twelve every Saturday I work at the windmill, but long before that age I was interested.

When I became sixteen I started the course for voluntary miller. May 2016 I passed Admission Examination, October 2016 I graduated for the final National Examination.

Since then I have been a qualified miller. A windmill has an uncomplicated construction, that's what I like from windmills.

It's very nice to keep an old mill in operation, and I'm not the only young person who is doing this.

I am regularly in contact with other young millers in the region, it is nice to share knowledge with each other.

Opening hours

Visiting adress:
Brinkweg 11
8276 AJ Zalk
Opening hours:
Wintertime: Every saturday from 9 till 12 a.m.
Summertime: Every saturday from 13:15 till 16:30 p.m.
On weekdays by appointment.