The cap

The wind direction is changing daily. The cap of the mill has to be turned to each direction. Therefore the cap is loose from the mill.

The cap consists of the brake system, the upper wheel and the cast iron axle. The brake is installed around the upper wheel, which is a big vertical wheel. That wheel is fixed on the cast iron axle. On the outside of the cap are the wings fixed on the same axle. The upper wheel drives the 'bonkelaar'. The 'bonkelaar' is a smaller wheel, fixed on the main axle, which is an upright axle that stands exactly in the middle of the mill.


Opening hours

Visiting adress:
Brinkweg 11
8276 AJ Zalk
Opening hours:
Wintertime: Every saturday from 9 till 12 a.m.
Summertime: Every saturday from 13:15 till 16:30 p.m.
On weekdays by appointment.