In 1860 the mill in Zalk was built by miller Van Raalte. He worked at De Valk for fifteen years. Van Raalte exchanged this mill with miller Kok from Brunnepe (Kampen) in 1875. Miller Kok worked for five years at the mill. In the mill nowadays the original sales contract can be seen. This sales contract shows that  the mill has been a hulling mill in the past. It's unknown when the hulling mill was removed. 

In 1880, miller Kok left Zalk. He probably went to Zwolle. The Van Beekhuizen family became the new owner. They owned the mill for over a century, till 1986. In that year the municipality IJsselmuiden bought the mill and nowadays the municipality Kampen is the owner from De Valk. The family worked at the mill until after the war, from when the mill served as a storage of the forage trade from the Van Beekhuizen family.

In the 1980's the mill has been restored. The wings, the roof, the stage and the tail construction were replaced. From that moment on the mill is kept in operation by voluntary millers. 

De Valk during the 70's






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